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Resistance Radio with Jared Grifoni with special guest Raymond Strack, 10518708_571835042942976_8136973147609929095_nretired Supervisory Criminal Investigator/Supervisory Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security/Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement South Florida, now with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)!

Jared and Ray discuss a variety of issues relating to the War on Drugs including the legalization of marijuana, the failures of prohibition, Amendment 2 in Florida, and funding issues from a law enforcement perspective and more! Jared reviews the results from this weeks vote in Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom instead of forming an independent Scotland, how a large portion of Americans are open to the idea of secession, plus Jared asks why is independence seen as “acceptable” sometimes but not others. Jared also highlights this weeks BIPARTISAN vote on the Continuing Resolution that included funding both Obamacare and Planned Parenthood as well as arming Syrian “rebels.” Jared also breaks down some recent polling and electoral predication data and shows why Republicans should start to worry about taking control of the Senate in November.

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Be the Resistance! Join us SATURDAY on Resistance Radio with Jared Grifoni. Jared will be joined by special guest Raymond Strack, retired Supervisory Criminal Investigator/Supervisory Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security/Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement South Florida, now with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)! As always, Jared takes your calls and provides an analysis on the news that impacts your freedoms! You don’t want to miss this show!

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Resistance Radio 9-13-14 Show Archive

Resistance Radio with Jared Grifoni with special guest Hadley Heath Manning, Director of Health Policy and 10671279_567925696667244_6582040104278361231_nSenior Policy Analyst with Independent Women’s Forum!

Jared and Hadley discuss healthcare, economic issues, community involvement, the organizations new book “Lean Together,” and how they are reaching out to women with liberty-based solutions to current issues we face in our nation.Jared talks about Constitution Day, coming up this Wednesday, inflation and the economy, how the United States is about to fall behind China in economic rankings, Burger King’s move to Canada, and why criticizing free trade is like criticizing the free market in the US (neither actually exist!). Jared also breaks down President Obama’s speech and plans to target the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the unconstitutionality of his foreign policy actions, and provides an in-depth look at why interventionism in the Middle East is bound to fail.

Upcoming Show on 9-13-14

Do you think outside the ballot box? Join us SATURDAY on Resistance Radio with Jared Grifoni. Jared will be joined by special guest Hadley Heath Manning, Director of Health Policy and Senior Policy Analyst with Independent Women’s Forum! As always, Jared takes your calls and provides an analysis on the news that impacts your freedoms! You don’t want to miss this show!

Tune in on 98.9FM WGUF in southwest Florida or stream LIVE on from 12-1pm eastern! Don’t forget to call in with your questions or comments at 239-430-2428!

Never Forget

I won’t forget where I was on 9/11/01 when I saw the towers struck. I was in college, my freshman year. I saw the second tower hit on TV, went to class, and heard about the collapse as reports were being funneled in periodically to the professor. Was it homegrown American terrorists like McVeigh? Was it Al-Qaeda/bin Laden? I remember one of the first claims of responsibility came from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. National_Park_Service_9-11_Statue_of_Liberty_and_WTC_fireHaving been a Republican my entire life up to that point, the trauma I felt by witnessing the destruction of the towers and the significant loss of innocent American lives was significant, and I thought the only appropriate response was to take a hard right turn into neo-conservative swampland to eliminate the terrorists, remake the Middle East (“nuke Tora Bora,” invade, etc), profile Muslims, and do whatever we needed to do to protect our freedom and way of life in the US to keep us safe from anyone that might be just the slightest bit different from us. Remember after 9/11 when Anthrax was being mailed to government officials? It must have been terrorists that we have to eliminate at all costs.

My dad and I went to Foxboro Stadium on 9/23/01, the first week of NFL games after the 9/16/01 games were cancelled. What an odd feeling being in a stadium (a potential target) with 60,000 people that soon after the attacks. It was surreal. I remember looking at everyone trying to figure out who “looked” like a terrorist, just in case.

“They hate us for our freedom.”

It took approximately 5 years from that day for me to see the error of those ways. It took a disastrous Iraq War that I felt I had to defend as a Republican and because I voted for GWB, the reality of the PATRIOT Act to hit, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, red, orange, and yellow alerts, the TSA, the LIES and FEAR-mongering, and more that resulted in such a loss of faith in the government (who must know more than us, right?) to awaken me from the slumber I was in that allowed negativity, suspicion, statism, and anger to dominate my view of both foreign and domestic policy in the United States.

It led further to a couple of years of apathy. The Democrats took Congress in 2006, the Iraq War that I felt deep inside was wrong from the beginning, but did whatever I could to defend it, could no longer be denied. The warrantless wiretaps could no longer be ignored. The irrationality of our Middle East interventionism could no longer be justified as some eternal crusade to make the world safe for democracy.

America wasn’t America anymore, certainly not the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

Ironically, it was due to the fear/hate/suspicion/statist based policies, actions, and feelings that many (including myself) justified as necessary to respond to the attacks, rather than the rationale that many of us believed was the reason behind the attacks to begin with (hating us for our freedom).

Ron Paul cured my apathy in 2007/2008. I saw the error of my ways. Ultimately, I shook off the constraints of the party loyalty that lit the way as I headed down that path I despise so much today, and over the next few years followed the logical conclusion to the philosophy of liberty. We are all individuals and we must judge on that basis alone. Liberty, sound economic policies, trade, non-interventionism, smaller, limited government, leading by example… this is how we make the world a better place – by making the United States a better and freer place where we respect and tolerate differences (even if we don’t personally agree with certain practices). We need to be the change we want to see in this world.

We will always remember and we will always mourn the far too early loss of innocent lives, taken without regard by evil, that occurred that day and the innocent lives lost by many others over the following 13 years during our pursuit of bin Laden, in Afghanistan and Iraq, and elsewhere due to the War on Terror. We must also never forget the liberties that have been falsely sacrificed on the altar of false “security” so that we may continue to work to regain what has been lost.

We all have our own 9/11/01 stories. This was mine. The most important question we must ask ourselves is are we better, more learned, experienced, and open to respect and freedom today than we were 13 years ago? I am and I know many of you are as well.

I’ll never forget 9/11/01, the most significant and influential day for our entire generation, and I’ll never forget the journey I took over the last 13 years to get where I am today.

Resistance Radio 9-10-14 Show Archive

Jared Grifoni guest hosts the Dave Elliott Show on 9-10-14.1175601_381657278627421_633374503_n

Jared discusses news items of the day and he interviews Rob Tolp and Jared Jones, candidates for Collier County Soil and Water Board, Seats 4 and 5. Topics include the economy, ranging from a discussion on real unemployment figures and inflation, the tangled web of Middle East foreign intervention and President Obama’s upcoming speech on ISIS, the “Battle for the Net” net neutrality cyber protest, the Florida gubernatorial race including recent polling data on Scott, Crist, and Wyllie, why the question of supporting the medical marijuana Amendment 2 in Florida needs to be about more than political games, plus more. If downloading or streaming please note this is a three-hour broadcast rather than the normal one hour Saturday broadcast.

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